Tips for a Healthy Mouth

The Australian Dental Association has produced informative animated videos to educate Australians about their dental health. This video contains lots of useful tips for achieving a healthy mouth.


Here Are the Tips Mentioned in the Video

1. An unhealthy mouth can prove costly, create pain and result in decreased quality of life. 

2. Keeping your mouth healthy means you can eat, speak and smile without pain or embarrassment.

3. Prevention is key. Tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancers may not cause pain until they are well advanced.

It’s possible for people to have significant dental disease without realising it.

4. That’s why seeing a dentist regularly means oral health issues can be detected early or prevented.

Preventive Dentistry is the cornerstone of our practice. We work with our patients to actively prevent dental disease.

5. Your dental and general health are closely related, so a healthy lifestyle is important for a healthy mouth.

Read more about the relationship between your general and dental health.

6. If you have a chronic illness, you may be more likely to have problems with your teeth and gums.

It’s very important to let your dentist know about your current health status and past health history so that they can take this into account when recommending preventive routines and treatment.

7. Start a good habit early. Your child’s first dental visit should be once their first teeth appear or by the age of one.

It’s important to get children off to a good start when it comes to their dental health. Children of all ages are welcome in our practice.

8. Your dentist will create a dental plan customised just for you and advise how often to have a check-up.

After a patient’s first check-up, Dr Teo will make a recommendation about when they should have their next check-up. Some people only need to visit on an annual basis, most attend twice yearly, and some may benefit from preventative measures every 3-4 months.

9. Do not forget to brush at least twice each day and floss at least once.

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Don’t Have a Dentist?

If you haven’t visited a dentist for a while or have any queries, Dr Ailin Teo would be pleased to be of assistance.