The Cost of Dental Implants

For many people, one of the key factors that must be considered before proceeding with a dental implant is the cost.

There Are Many Factors That Influence the Cost of Having a Dental Implant

There are many factors, sometimes quite complex ones, that must be taken into consideration. Every person’s case is unique.

For example, some patients have been blessed with plentiful amounts of quality bone in their jaws. Assuming they are in good health and there are no other complicating factors, implant placement for these patients is likely to be straightforward.

But some patients will need additional treatment so that their implants can be placed more predictably.

Some factors that can influence the cost of dental implant treatment include:

  • Patient-Related Factors
  • Component-Related Factors

Patient-Related Factors Influencing the Cost of Dental Implant Placement

Quality and Quantity of Bone in the Implant Site

Sometimes a patient will not have enough bone to place a dental implant securely. Others have poor-quality bone (bone that is softer than normal), or medical conditions that may delay or reduce the likelihood of healing. 

Some of these patients may need to be referred to specialists for management of their medical status or for bone grafting procedures to increase the amount of bone available. 

The Patient’s Bite

Some patients have challenges with their bite, such as crowding, lack of vertical space between the top and bottom teeth, or a particularly heavy bite (occlusion). In these situations, treatments such as orthodontic tooth movement may be required before the implants can be placed. This treatment is usually provided by a specialist orthodontist. 

Sometimes a more complex plan may need to be considered to cope with the heavy forces that the implant(s) will be placed under.

Cosmetic Considerations for Implants

Sometimes there will be a critical cosmetic consideration to take into account. 

For example, some people have a “high smile line,” meaning their upper lip rises high above the gums of the upper teeth when they smile. If an implant is to be placed to replace a front tooth of a patient who has a high smile line, it is sometimes necessary to refer them to a specialist periodontist to ensure that the gum surrounding the implant is sculpted to look as natural as possible. 

Temporary Tooth Replacements During Treatment

Most people expect to be able to wear a temporary tooth (or teeth) during their treatment, particularly if the missing tooth is at the front. The type of temporary tooth that is required or preferred will have an influence on the overall estimate.

Component Factors Influencing the Cost of Dental Implant Placement

The Implant System

The relatively high cost of a dental implant is reflective of the quality of the implant system (brand) used. Implant components are precision-machined and the best are made of high-grade titanium. We only use genuine systems that are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured under the strictest hygienic conditions. 

The Type of Implant Crown, Bridge or Denture

A crown, bridge or denture is the final component that is connected to the securely-embedded implant. These are custom-crafted by a dental ceramist/implant technician. 

The dental technicians that we engage only use quality materials that have been approved for use in Australia. Dr Teo insists on the strict quality control and high standards of work that are provided by reputable Australian dental technicians.

Dental Implant Placement at Lovely Dental Care

Over the years, our dentist Dr Ailin Teo has completed a number of training courses on implant dentistry. This means that some of her patients can have all of their treatment completed by Dr Teo in her dental practice in Bellerine Street, Geelong.

If you are considering a dental implant, the first step is to come into the practice for a consultation. Due to the surgical nature of this treatment, it is important to undergo a complete examination and assessment to determine whether dental implants are a good option for your situation. Dr Teo will advise you about the suitability of dental implants and whether there are other options available. 

Sometimes there are options other than a dental implant that may be considered in the interim. Dr Teo will discuss your options available, time-frames, and treatment plan accordingly to keep your options open for potential future implant treatment if that is your desire.

If you have any questions about Dental Implants, please feel free to contact us.