Dr Teo checks for signs of cancer of the mouth at every new patient exam or check-up appointment. An oral cancer check is an essential part of a comprehensive dental check-up and is part of our preventive approach to dental and general health.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is any cancer that develops in the mouth. It may be a primary or secondary tumour. At least three Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer every day.

Many oral cancers remain undetected until they are quite large. Because of this, the survival rate is unfortunately low. Research shows that when oral cancers are detected in their early stages, they can often be treated with great success.

Why Do Dentists Provide Oral Cancer Screenings?

It makes great sense for dentists to provide oral cancer screenings. Australian dentists have been trained to screen your mouth for early signs of cancer because

  • They examine mouths every day as part of their job
  • Their practices are set up with excellent lighting, which makes it possible to see every part of the oral cavity
  • They see many of their patients at least once a year. If a regularly-attending patient develops mouth cancer, it’s likely to be detected in its early stages.

What’s Involved in an Oral Cancer Check?

An oral cancer check is an intentional and thorough inspection of your mouth and throat, including under your tongue and other difficult-to-see areas. It’s a non-invasive screening. 

If a suspicious area is found, Dr Teo will refer you for further diagnosis and management.

Do You Have Questions About Oral Cancer Screenings?

Dr Teo is happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call the practice with your inquiry or ask at your next dental check-up appointment.