New technology has made the practice of dentistry more efficient, effective and comfortable than ever before. Some even have a positive impact on the environment! Dr Teo embraces new dental technology and has introduced the following in her practice.

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  • Diagnocam
  • Intra-Oral Cameras
  • Quieter Dental Drills
  • Magnification
  • Digital Radiography (X-Rays)
  • Rotary Endodontics
  • Digital Records


In 2017, Dr Teo introduced a diagnostic tool called the Kavo Diagnocam into her practice as another method to locate hidden decay without exposure to radiation. Its remarkable accuracy has contributed to a better ability to diagnose decay that might otherwise not be detected. It helps Dr Teo and her patients to intercept decay in its earliest stages with a view to arresting (stopping) the decay and potentially preventing the need for intervention (fillings).

Read more about the Diagnocam here.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Each room has an intra-oral camera that allows Dr Teo to take photos of the inside of patients’ mouths, making it possible to receive a guided tour of your mouth.

Dr Teo uses an intra-oral camera because she believes that you may have a better understanding of your dental health and challenges by seeing your teeth and gums up close. Most people have never seen their teeth so clearly before. She may take before, during and after images of your teeth so that you may see the results of your treatment and the processes required to get there.

Quieter Dental Drills

Dr Teo is conscious of the impact loud noises have on some patients. She has therefore invested in the quietest dental handpieces that she can find.


Dr Teo uses ‘dental loupes;’ these are magnification lenses that are attached to her glasses and which allow her to see much more detail when she is working. They allow for a greater level of precision in diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Radiography (X-rays)

Radiographs are a critical part of modern dental treatment. They allow dentists to see parts of the teeth, gums and jaw that would otherwise be invisible (even with magnification).

Dr Teo has installed a digital radiograph system in her practice. Digital x-rays allow the use of a much lower dose of radiation than the old film systems required. This greatly increases the safety of x-ray imaging, both for patients and for her dental staff.

The x-ray images appear almost instantly, and they can be viewed on a large screen. This can make diagnoses easier and facilitates communication as Dr Teo explains the x-ray images to her patients on the screen. Images can also be shared with dental specialists via email so their expert opinions can be sought promptly.

The environmental impact of this system is significant: chemical development and fixing solutions are no longer required, so these chemicals have been entirely eliminated from our practice. This improves staff health and safety as well.

Rotary endodontics

Traditionally, tiny hand instruments were routinely used to perform root canal treatment; these were very technique sensitive and fiddly to use. Dr Teo now mainly uses rotary nickel-titanium instruments,  which are motorised and provide a more comfortable experience for her patients. These also provide a more predictable and efficient way of cleaning root canal systems, a technology that has also been adopted by root canal specialists (endodontists).

Digital records

The practice is fully computerised, both at the front desk and in the surgeries. All records are stored securely for your privacy and protection.