Welcome to Lovely Dental Care

Gentle Dental Care in Geelong

Located in beautiful Geelong, you’ll find Lovely Dental Care, a dental practice where everyone is warmly welcomed.

Kindness, Gentleness, Care…

That’s How We Do Dentistry at Lovely Dental Care in Geelong

It’s our goal to make Lovely Dental Care a place where everyone can feel at ease. We’ve created a relaxing and peaceful space where you, your comfort, and your health are our primary focus. 

Formerly Ailin Teo Dental Surgery, Lovely Dental Care now occupies two adjacent buildings on Bellerine Street. The warmth and love of the existing practice have been retained, with increased space to enhance patient comfort further and accommodate additional dental technologies, including sleep dentistry services.

A private car park is now available for patients at the rear of the building, with entry via Mills Lane, off Bellerine Street. 

Why Choose Lovely Dental Care?

Lovely Dental Care 

  • is family-focused and welcomes people of all ages
  • is gentle and caring, especially if you are nervous about dental treatment
  • invests in modern dental technology, including digital radiography, prioritising your comfort and safety
  • supports the local Geelong community as well as national and international care organisations
  • is easily accessible for all, including people arriving in wheelchairs and walking frames and those pushing prams
  • welcomes new patients and greatly values our existing patients

Why is our dental practice named Lovely Dental Care?

The practice’s name is close to my heart, for it is an English translation of “Ailin”.
“Ai” in Chinese translates to “Love” in English; hence it was natural to name the practice “Lovely Dental Care.”

Dr Ailin Teo

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We know that people in our beautiful city expect excellent dental treatment in a warm and caring environment.  That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a beautiful and comfortable practice and selected a team focused on your care and comfort. Since everyone comes in to see their dentist with unique and individual needs, we customise our approach accordingly.

Your Health and Safety Are Important to Us

We have voluntarily undertaken and achieved full Practice Accreditation. In doing so, we are committed to providing you with high-quality services and support in a safe environment in accordance with National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Lovely Dental Care's reception area - front window
Lovely Dental Care's reception area - front desk

We Focus on the Prevention of Dental Diseases…

Dental technology has come a long way. We can now identify tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral conditions in their earliest stages and provide treatments to halt the disease in its tracks. Sometimes we can even reverse early decay!

We can protect your teeth against damage caused by impacts in sports with custom mouthguards. And, if you’re experiencing the kind of stress that makes your teeth wear heavily, we can help to protect your teeth from cracks and reduce wear.

If you want your teeth to last a lifetime, we’re your dental health partners.

… and Smiling. Lots of Smiling.

We believe an empathetic heart, a listening ear, and a warm smile can help our patients feel comfortable and at ease. We pay attention to each patient’s unique situation as we assist them to achieve a healthy smile.

Feel free to contact us to experience dental care delivered with kindness, respect, and a gentle touch.

Lovely Dental Care's hallway
Interior of a treatment room at Lovely Dental Care
The practice is designed with the comfort and care of our patients in mind