We believe that it is very important to support the community and contribute to less privileged parts of the world.  Accordingly, we provide financial support to the following organisations:

  • Plan, one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world supporting underprivileged children
  • Compassion, an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry that fosters the development of children living in extreme poverty in numerous developing countries
  • Heart for Kids International, which serves the poor, needy and orphaned in Asia
  • Christian Blind Mission Australia, which is part of the world’s largest organisation working with people with a disability in the poorest places
  • CARE Australia, an Australian charity and international humanitarian aid organisation fighting global poverty
  • Ambulance Victoria, which aims to improve the health of the community by providing high-quality pre-hospital care and medical transport
  • State Emergency Service [Victoria] 
  • Give Where You Live, Building A Better Geelong. A wonderful organisation that seeks to assist disadvantaged individuals in various ways in our local Geelong community.

We also supported the Dentists For Cleaner Water Project (2011) helping eliminate mercury from Victoria’s sewerage systems.